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Glaze Guide


Simple, classic, and elegant. This glaze is pure white & features a glossy finish. The majority of our pieces are available in white including dinnerware, mugs, jewelry dishes, and serving pieces.


Smooth, strong, and versatile. This gray glaze features a stunning satin finish. Any pieces available in white will most likely have a partner in gunmetal. The two together are a beautiful pair!

Matte Black

Bold, striking, and modern. Cousin to our Gunmetal, but this glaze features a matte finish. We have a full dinnerware collection available in matte black, plus many of our “mugs of the moment” feature this color.


Artistic & eye-catching. This unique pattern is created using both our white & gunmetal glazes. Used for what we call our most fun line of dinnerware plus many of our serving pieces and jewelry dishes.

Satin Greige

Soft & soothing. Satin Greige is a unique glaze with a satin finish reserved for our best-selling Chamberlin Platter (shown above) and select custom orders.


Fresh & alluring. A gorgeous mossy green color that pairs beautifully with all of our other glazes. We feature moss in many jewelry dish designs, one of a kind pieces, and holiday heirlooms like our cookie plate (shown above).

The Back

The back of our pieces are imprinted with our original logo and coated in a thin wax, sealing the natural look of our non-toxic clay - leaving an overall organic feel to the piece. They are then carefully dipped into one of our signature glazes and ready to be fired! Each piece is individually sanded, providing a durable/smooth bottom - ready for any surface!